Guilherme Graciano
Writing Club: Day 3
This is the Writing Club, a place where everyone can write an essay about a topic that will change daily. You can write about what you want and feel.

For today topic you have to describe a friend or family member with 3 animals or objects (you have to use 3 animals or objects traits)

This is not a competition, mistakes are welcome here.

My essay:
My brother is loyal as a dog, he will never hurt you if you are his friend, however he can be cunning as a fox and you will make elaborate plans to damage you, if he thinks you are taking advantage on him, and if he doesn't like you, don't even try talking to him he will be cold as ice.
May 10, 2019 2:38 AM
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My friend is good and kind  as Parrot who can't Hurt you and always talking to you and stay with you and Brave like a leon ready to save u frome enemies serrounding you and original like arabic horses that will never change and for ever will stay my favorite friend 
May 10, 2019
One my close relative all his life was angry as a tiger. But sometimes he was kind as a bear. A bear with honey, but like with a bear you never know what can happen next moment and maybe he become angry too. Sometimes he behave very foolish as a donky, yes, it was what his wife said about him. Anyway, it was interesting to communicate with him, when he was not tiger, bear, and donkey, but as wise as an owl.
May 10, 2019