Hi friends. I'm here because I want to learn English. I can teach you Spanish. Hmu
May 10, 2019 4:42 PM
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@Arantxa,林肯公园, Serhat and Andrea

You all don't allow private messages but non-premium members can only send out two friend requests per day. If you switch your contact permissions in your privacy settings from "friends only" to "anyone" you can contact each other directly and receive messages by other users.

May 10, 2019
Is the meaning of "hmu" common knowledge? I had to look it up. Maybe I <em>am</em> old after all.
May 10, 2019
I'm searching new friend to improve our englsh would you like to talk with me?
May 10, 2019
I can only speak Chinese, but if we can only communicate in English, will this be of great help to English?
May 10, 2019
Hey if some one have a group in which we can practice English so add me in that.
May 18, 2019
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