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Guilherme Graciano
Writing Club: Day 4
This is the Writing Club, a place where everyone can write an essay about a topic that will change daily. You can write about what you want and feel.

For today's topic you have to describe your favorite book (Do not say the name of the book)

This is not a competition, mistakes are welcome here.

My essay
This book is about a detective that is trapped in a train, because an accident have happened in the track, and then one of the passengers of the train is murdered, so it's up to him the task to catch the killer before they get to the train station, otherwise the murderer will get away with it.
May 11, 2019 3:02 AM
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This book is about Devil, Jesus Christ and true love. It happened in Soviet Union, Devil came to Moscow and pretended to be magishian of the black magic. He had servants who helped him, they did a lot of mess in the city, but chose their victims especially from low and mean people. There is a story about Jesus Christ and Pontius Pilate as a second story inside this novel. And a love story between a poor man, he was a writer and a beautiful woman, who was unhappy in her marriage. This writer was arrested and placed in an insane asylum because of his novel about Jesus Christ in this atheistic country; and his beloved woman tried to save him, asking help from Devil.
May 11, 2019
Guilherme Graciano
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