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It'a an app for learning languages, not a Tinder I r

I really don't understand why a lot of men act in a particular way here. They started their messages from "my dear friend" or "how are you my beautiful lady" even though we don't known each other at all. Then they are trying to get close quickly. They are asking me if I'm married or single, if I have a boyfriend, if I have kids.

I really don't know how they see it. But as for me, it isn't sweet or nice! At all! On the contrary, it makes me feel very uncomfortable.

There are plenty more suitable apps to find a date. Why, for God's sake, are they trying to do that here?

May 11, 2019 10:51 PM
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This topic comes up regularly (sadly).

The common advice is to block messages.  Write and post texts in the notebook section and correct texts in your native language.

Contact a few people whose texts show that they are serious language learners.  Similarly, some people may contact you based on your texts or your corrections.

Good luck!

May 12, 2019

No, please don't quit using this app as language learning platform. Just record and report their harassment to the administration account to make their account suspended. 

And, not trying to be racist or anything, I bet the one being rude must be from middle easterner or sub indian continent such as Bangladesh, Pakistan or India. But hey, the meme's "show bobs and vagene" not just appears without any reason. What makes me wonder is, do they ever think that their action is the one that embarrassing not only themselves but their own country too.

Well, that is all from me, take care and wish you all the best for your learning.

Best regards,


May 12, 2019
Tatyana, there is a joke. A math problem.

Mary picks a liter of raspberry in 20 minutes.
Peter does it in 30 minutes.
How quickly they will pick a liter of raspberries if they go to the forest together? (in Russia we pick them in forests)

The wrong answer is 12 minutes. The right one is "God knows, 2-3 hours maybe...".

Each time when you gather many young single boys and many young single girls together you have a Tinder. 

Men and women do that differently. Silly people do that in silly ways. Smart people are smart. Uneducated people do that in uneducated manner and educated people do that in educated way.

May 11, 2019
About Americans:
There are Americans who dream about an Asian girlfriend (these can ne nice guys as well though). There are Americans who look for sex chat (less nice). And there are Americans who even are exhibitionsts. (that's when you turn on video and see a penis there).

And the problem is not that Americans are like that! The problem is that those of Americans who are like that go to this site.
They reasonably assume that they are going to be popular here.

As for Russians, our idiots usually don't register there, while those who aren't idiots usually aren't very interested in sex chat with foreign girls.
We do have idiots. For sure.

May 12, 2019

I've had people advertise Forex trading to me on this app.

May 11, 2019
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