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Phil Palmer
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"Vegetables" - how many syllables ? This is for all you English teachers out there. When you teach a student this word, how many syllables do you count? I teach three "vege-ta-bles." Comments please .
13 de may de 2019 4:57
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I reached near native level in French without asking me how many syllables...teaching the syllables is a waste of time, in my opinion, at least for the common of mortals
13 de Mayo de 2019
four! =)
13 de Mayo de 2019
13 de Mayo de 2019
I teach it as three, but as with other words such as “chocolate” and “average”, I point out that if they occasionally hear an extra syllable, that is not considered wrong. As for “comfortable”, I believe three syllables is best (and is used on the US East Coast as well as in RP), but point out that a lot of Americans pronounce it as four syllables. Also note that the G in "vegetables" usually de-voices to match the T in the next syllable.

Here's one for you: How about the word "sandwich"?

13 de Mayo de 2019
-4 good score :)
13 de Mayo de 2019
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