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Why people are so afraid to be themselves? As a student of medical collage I had a practice in hospital in general surgery department. It is sad to see people with problems after plastic surgery. Of course, it is understandable when after some car accident or trauma, people need help. But these ones only 2-3%. Mostly good looking people come. They change gender, their noses, their ears and so on. So at the end they look alike all, no any individuality.  

What's wrong? Why it is so scary be who you are? What do you think?
May 13, 2019 2:03 PM
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Sia covers her face to keep her privacy and not because of people critising her for looking old. I know, for you 43 years must appear ancient but I'm the same age as Sia and honestly don't feel old at all. I was a bit shocked when I read your comment and had to realise that there are people who think being in the midforties means being old and unattractive.

May 14, 2019
I think it's a pity, because while I understand the pressure to be attractive, it's not true that everyone finds that cookie-cutter, re-done, lifted, dyed, cut, and trimmed look to beautiful. Sometimes I think these people have never had another person tell them they're beautiful or somehow found a way to feel good about themselves naturally, and that's a pity. Sometimes all it takes is one person, or a jolt of confidence from finding something you do well.

I find many different people (different ethnicities, different body shapes, body sizes within reasonable healthy limits, hair colors, eye colors...) attractive, but I don't find cosmetically/artificially enhanced bodies and faces attractive at all.
May 13, 2019
Obviously they think that with this body improvment they get better self-confidence. After a short period of time they'll understand that they didn't get any changes in their atitude to yourself at all. Then they prepare themself to another surgery with hope that new body improvement will get them self-confidence. So, I think for some people changes on their body is a way to get changes inside their mind
May 13, 2019
Hi Shara! This is a very interesting topic. I love history very much. And I have read a lot of historical documents about my country and the countries near it. One of the strangest and most beautiful story in the folklore of my country is legend about Danko. Danko was a young man who lived in one of forest tribe. One day his tribe got into trouble, and they had to get quickly out of the forest, but it was night and it wasn't the moon on the sky. It was raining and they couldn't make a fire. It was so dark that they couldn't find any trace. The women and children started to cry and the men lowered their hands in impotence. And then, Danko ripped his heart out of his chest and his heart shone like a little sun. He told his fellow tribesmen to follow him and after a while they came out of the forest. But by that time Danko was already too weak and he dropped his body on the ground and the heart hit the earth. It's radiance began to fade. And when it almost disappeared, some of the people approached and stepped on it with his foot, extinguishing it completely. It became dark again, but people moved on and Danko's body remained lying on the outskirts of the forest. 
I often thought about things what motivate that man to step the heart. And only one think come in my mind. He was afraid. Danko was so different from them, that they preferred to forget him immediately. Your patients are afraid to be different. They prefer to wear simiar masks so you won't be out of practice for long time. 
Have a nice day and thank you for possibility to remember this beautiful story.
May 13, 2019
I think some people are discontented with themselves and allow society to influence their standard of beauty and they way they perceive themselves. It's all a matter of identity crisis 
May 13, 2019
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