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daily Vocabulary Game

hi there! I decided to start playing a game. It's a Vocabularu Game. The rules are - make up a story, use the words on the list. The crazier, the funnier or more ridiculous the story is, the better. The words are memorized better in this way. 

So, could you please check my story? I am not sure if the collocations I have used are ok, though I have checked all of them in dictionaries.  Please correct the text if possible. I will really appreciate yourt help.

Today's Vocabulary List:

advent, leeway, unapologetic, accomplice.

The story:

The advent of barbaric crimes is approaching. The number of accmplices in crime is on increase. They are absolutely unapologetic about their atrocities and demand even more leeway to act "more effectively".

May 13, 2019 4:14 PM
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thank you for encouraging me , Claude! =). The lady whose name is Lauren disliked my attempt without any comment, though =(
May 13, 2019


What are the vocabolary of the day?



May 14, 2019


Your game is a good idea to extend and memorize our vocabulary

Your sentence seems correct for a french

The advent of democraty encouraged more political accomplices and left less leeway to extremes

we are unapologetic if we dont vote

Warm regards


May 13, 2019


Thank you for this new exercice

Here are my sentences

Demanding are embedded into the prerogatives of trade unions. To get new facilities for employees can be one of these. the company need to afford it to be able to respond to this claim

Take care


May 18, 2019

Today's Vocabulary List is:

1 demand, 2 embed / embedded, 3 facility, 4 afford

Today's story:

"Experienced doctors are in great demand in a new hospital". The idea has deeply embedded in my head. "I can diagnose patients with an amazing facility. They will have to hire me. I will get the job.  I will be able to affort to rent an apartment. At last".

May 14, 2019
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