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Game of Thrones Season 8 Hey what are you thinking about the last season?

I think it s kind of boring, everyone dies in a unspecial way eventhough they survived a really long time.

And I mean, wth they thought about the Coffee Cup, I mean everyone have seen it but they were too blind?

May 13, 2019 7:39 PM
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Maybe our expectations were too high but I personally find two last seasons to be quite weak when it comes to writing and logic of what is happening. I do think that the battle of the Winterfell was not logical at all to put it lightly, the white walkers were supposed to be the real threat while the politics of the Iron throne just a distraction. Also, John Snow was supposed to kill the King of the White Walkers, at least that is what his character development suggested. I also think that Bran’s character was pretty much useless.

Anyways, this show was amazing for a long time, even though the final seasons are disappointing Game of Thrones has been a good ride        

May 13, 2019
I want Arya to kill Daenerys :)
May 13, 2019

The last episode reminds me of Wildcards, the superhero anthology that GRRM helped create, everyone in it is all sorts of messed up.

May 13, 2019
I like the last episode because Daenerys became as her father was.
I like when Drogon fired all king's landing 
May 13, 2019
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