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lola Fernandez
I am new!I want a friend who can teach me korean!😅☺️💜 I am completely new to this app and am confused about everything 😅. I really am an addict of watching k-dramas, but i cant watch them so i cant really name any or know many. I watch a lot of k-dramas, BTS, TXT, MonstaX, etc. to try and learn, (but i also like the funny moments.) But fail misserably.

Me:*watches life time of k-drama and k-pop*

Also me:you know annyeonghaseyo???

RM(aka namjoon):*watches show friends*

Also RM:*learns entire english language*


Why...just why 🤣😭💜 i purple you, have a nice day! And hope you can teach me korean ☺️💜🤣✌🏻

May 14, 2019 3:21 AM
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lola Fernandez
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