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I have some questions. Could you answer these questions below??

1.What country do you think is most peaceful? Why?

2.Do you think your country is peaceful? What could it do to be more peaceful?

3.How do you think Japan compares with your country in the area of peace?

4.Do you ever feel unsafe in Osaka? When? Where?

5.In the future what can we do to “keep the peace?” to make sure society remains peaceful?

6.When you think about war and conflict in the world, what makes you the most sad?

7.What do you think about Japanes economic?

14 mai 2019 04:15
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Hello Cocolo!
1)     Answering on your first question, I guess that Republic of Seychelles is the most peaceful place on Earth ever. This country has never been involved to any international conflicts and wars.
2)     I’m from Russia and I think that my country is not peaceful enough – if you open Wikipedia page you will find a very long list with wars where Russia had participated. I do not know how to escape this, because my country has been never started the war first, it was always (almost) the response.
3)     I think that Russia and Japan have the similar situation.
4)     I have never been in Osaka, but I will visit it someday :)
5) If somebody knew the answer - we wouldn't have the wars.
6) The amount of people who die in wars.
7) I think that Japanese economic is one of the most developed in the world - while the whole world lives in the 21st Century - Japan lives in the 22nd. :)

14 mai 2019
Norway spends the most on developing peace negotiation thinking and practice.
14 mai 2019
Osaka is great city and you should keep it peaceful by following security guidance and rules. 
14 mai 2019
14 mai 2019
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