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Do you want a limited identity or cosmic identity?

My nationality is X

My religion is Y

My political spectrum is Z

My gender is A

and so on...

Sometimes, I think it's our limited identity due to which there are chaos and collision in the world(I mean the argument and fighting going on...)

I think it's not the fight between YOU and ME, but it's the fight between what "YOU believe/think" vs "What I believe/think". In either way it's just the fight between "what we both don't know".

Don't you think it's just because we have identified ourselves quite strongly with something (so limited), we want to protect it at any cost even if we have to tarnish other identity or reputation? I mean I notice it all the time in not only virtual world but in real world as well. 

What if we were identified ourselves with this vast cosmos? What if we had no nationality, what if we had no stigma of color, race, religion and gender in our mind? Do you think it would be a much better place free of the tussle of our limited identities?

Does it make sense or....:D

I wish you all have an amazing day everyday.:) 

May 14, 2019 3:30 PM
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Or with science:
there was a debate between evolutionists and creatinists in the USA some 12 years ago and some of it reached Russia. And "shocked" is hardly enough to describe what I feel about behavious of some people on "evolutionist" side. 

Creationists are "weaker", they were more polite because of this. But some of scientists directed really dirty insults towards them and lied a lot, about science too. I used to think that scientists search for truth, but no: some care exactly as much about the truth as religious fanatics about God. 
(I actually find evolution theory very good but it doesn't matter. Lying for truth, killing for God, fighting for pease, madness.

So there is the question of "why does this happen"?
I think Troglodyte speaks about this, meaning countries and ideas. And searches for an answer to this and his answet is not "diversity" but "identity". 
I don't know if his answer is true.

But with religion it is easy to see: at least Christianity was meant to be a rather cosmic thing. And it devolved in simple clusterisation of society and negation of iteself.

May 15, 2019
Michael, no. I'm not sure if I understand properely what Troglodyte meant, but I don't think he meant achieving peace by making everyone "the same". At least as for me, I prefer when things are different
And I find the argument raised in support of school uniforms (kids won't envy richier kids) artificial and perverse.

But there is a different thing. E.g. with religion: 
stage 1: you believe in God. stage 2: you're killing another guy believing in the same God differently (all in the name of God) stage 3: "kill them all, God will know his own"

May 15, 2019
Imagine every one on the road with cosmic or cosmetic indentity. Impossible to live like so..there has to be  borders, limitations just for some simple order..
Have a good day every day too 
May 15, 2019
Thank you Nada and Drasvi for you comments:) Hmm so at least two of you are with me for the notion to have a cosmic identity:D
May 15, 2019

Nada, that's easy. You just have it.

May 14, 2019
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