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Phil Hanna
How to ask "What is the difference between" What is the best way to ask in Russian, "What is the difference between X and Y", where X and Y are anything.  For example, "What is the difference between жаркий and горячий?"
May 15, 2019 5:39 AM
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Также можно перевести данный вопрос как: "В чём разница между Х и Y?"
May 15, 2019

@drasvi, честно говоря, не думаю, что "в чём разница" — это что-то типично московское, но кто его знает... А в Брянской области такой же говор, как в Беларуси, или он чем-то отличается?

Кстати, вопрос года: не знаете, ngram использует не ту же базу, что и ruscorpora (или наоборот, не знаю, как это устроено)? Нашла довольно наглядный график — ​​​​​​​ — по сути он мало чем отличается от того, что на рускорпусе. Некоего Толстого разве что нет. В общем, мы с вами, судя по всему, говорим на новоязе :)

May 15, 2019
Вернее в чём отличие Х от Y)
May 15, 2019
Можно ещё сказать так. В чём отличие между Х и Y?
May 15, 2019
Kseniia, Maybe I'm confising it with another phrase, but I remember once I googled for it and found that какая разница между is even more common in google. 

I didn't bother to check ruscorpora (maybe I will) but I suspect that in 19th century literature "какая разница" must be even more common (French "quelle est la difference"... cf. also "со многими ошибками"  less common now, with an adjective where we now don't use one). And I don't know how "какая" worked in 18th century before the French influence.

So my reasoning was that, if a half a country is using a form and literature likely also is using this form (and our classics is still the basis of our literary language much more than  in English), then its MY usage is "regional". Even if my region is "Moscow". Since my cousin (3d cousin) from Novozybkov came to Moscow determined to get rid from her very musical intonations and learn to speak "properly" I'm fiercely opposed to the idea that Moscow dialect is "more correct":) 

UPD: ruscorpora:
какая разница между: 1775-1900, 62 examples.
в чём разница между: before 1917, 1 example (someone Leo Tolstoy)

As I said, Russians are different in that we read our 19th century classic literature in huge amounts and call what we speak "literary Russian". Some forms (not many) aren't used but aren't considered a mistake too.
When something is used in classics AND in modern times...
May 15, 2019
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