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What is difference between ensure ,assure and Insure ?
May 15, 2019 1:21 PM
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Assure: promise, as in I assure you the car is safe to drive.

Ensure: confirm, as in Ensure that you have plenty of gas in the tank before going on a long trip.

Insure: protect with an insurance policy, as in Insure the car before your trip

May 15, 2019
To add to Marco's excellent answer, I believe that in British English they often use the noun "assurance" in the same sense as the American "insurance". This may be relevant in the OP's country (India).
May 15, 2019

Thank you, Marco Moreno !

May 15, 2019
I guess when we talking to others we say i assure ...... When we are asking from others then we say plz ensure that you send it at time ) like this  ... Rectify me if i am wrong 😊
May 15, 2019
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