How would you say "Is this a bad time to call" in Korean? Please help~

My company is currently preparing a presentation for Korean clients.

On one of the slides, it has to be written "Is this a bad time to call"?
Using "bad time" is very important here, because we're trying to get people to answer NO.

The problem is that our translators wrote "지금 잠시 통화 괜찮으신가요?" but the logical answer is YES.

I asked a Korean person what they thought and they said I should write "지금 통화하기 불편하실까요?" but I'm not sure it sounds very natural?

Korean friends, what do you think? Please help me~~

May 15, 2019 3:26 PM
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I think it's okay. I would response to that answer as "아니요. 통화 괜찮아요."

May 17, 2019
Thank you very much for your answer!
May 23, 2019
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