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A man, who is known for stealing things, now decides to quit such act.
People in his street already know him to be a thief, such that if anything get missing in the street, it would be found around him.
So after the man decided to turn a new leaf, an item which belonged to a wealthy man got missing in the same street. So everyone  in the street concluded without making any enquiries that the man stole the item.
The man was called upon to produce the item but he couldn't because he did not steal the item but nobody believed him because he was known for such act. So he was tortured,punished and mishandled for an item he didn't steal.
Sometimes, your past records will determine how you will be judged by people. 
There is no way a person, who is noted for doing good will be accused of doing something bad and vice versa.
The things you're doing now and have done before will all come together to form an history that people will use in judging you.
Your acts and habits are sometimes used in describing you. So beware of your actions!

15 mag 2019 16:46
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