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Hello! What do you think about my English in this video?
May 15, 2019 9:06 PM
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What the.... This video is incredible. Very well-done. And your English is great.
May 15, 2019
Oh..really? Thank you sooo much!
May 15, 2019

As the earlier comments said, your English is very good, even the pronunciation is pretty decent with nothing egregiously off, and only a few words pronounced weirdly (though still understandable). Since your English is already at such an advanced level, I guess I could give you advice on the 'finer' aspects of the language. In particular, the main thing you have left, most likely, is cadence/rhythm.

English's cadence is usually, at least in the North American case, lightly ascending at the beginning of sentences and descending at the end. (I just googled it, and apparently, it's legitimately a studied concept: It's rising in most interrogative questions, but ascending-descending in more descriptive questions. In the video, you end up following these cadences a lot of the time, but not all the time. One reason I think this might be happening is because you take a lot of care in pronouncing your words and thereby sometimes lose the cadence (so instead of the sentence going up then way down, all the words are sort of somewhat ascending, or flat-toned), an example would be at around 1:08 where you as "and here we are" but all the syllables are mid-ascending tones.

One last thing! ты произносишь немало слов как все московичи на русском, то есть, затягиваешь слова (например: "нуу знааашь"), несмотря на то что это мило видится на русском, на английском мы только так говорим детям. Думаю что ты это делаешь не нарочно, но лучше не удлинять произнесение слов (особенно когда скажешь слово "here").

надеюсь что смог помочь тебе!

May 15, 2019
I think your English is generally very good (no grammatical errors). Your pronunciation is clear in the sense that it is easy to understand what you are saying, but you could work on your accent. 
May 15, 2019

Is it really true that Sochi is more expensive than Moscow???  I thought Moscow was one of the most expensive in the world.   

Only one helpful tip to improve your English more.  Sometimes your words have the accent in the wrong spot and that makes the word sound unnatural.  You said " Sochi is locAted."  But we say " Sochi is lOcated."  

All of your English is very understandable and the video was quite interesting. 

May 16, 2019
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