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Please help me to have my essay proofread. Thank you.
Smarphones has become one of the most common necessities in the daily life. There are arguments the using these devices make people lest intelligent due to they are increasing their dependence on its technologies and not their brain. This essay will give the reason as to why this I totally agree with this idea.

People are losing their mathematical abilities because of usage of cellphones technology. Nowadays, people tend to use this device a lot to make most of digital activities; it is not an exception for arithmetic operations.  A report showed than in Mexico the majority of the high school students rely so much on their smartphones even to make some simple calculations. The youth argue they are no longer able to solve simple operation using their logic reasoning because there are already get use to using the gadget with technology. With this evidence is clear people are losing part of their skills because of the technology.

Moreover, organization issues are evident as well because of technology. People make lots of mistakes when they do not count with a cellphone. For example, office workers most of times have the agenda done in this small device, such as meetings, visits, trips, etcetera due to the busy schedule they have, memorize all the events are not possible. There is a survey that was carried out in England, asking 100 administrative employees about how would have been a day in the office without a smallphone to do plan of activities, and the almost 100% of them commented that their memory would have collapsed. This is another argument showing the technology has an unfavorable effect on people.

In conclusion, human intelligence is decreasing as the consequence of the technology development. This essay argued the negative impacts of the smartphones usage on one´s life are actually real. 
May 16, 2019 1:42 AM
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Please post this in the notebook section.  
May 16, 2019
As well as when you said "cellphones technology" in the first paragraph, you could have just put cellphones, but the rest is amazing 😁
May 16, 2019
Well first starting off with the first paragraph, the last sentence does not really make since, "as to why this i totaly agree" . If I am reading it wrong, or misunderstood it I apologize
May 16, 2019
Hi Chris. This essay is already posted in the notebook part.
May 16, 2019


May 16, 2019
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