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Guilherme Graciano
Writing Club: Day 9
This is the Writing Club, a place where everyone can write an essay about a topic that will change daily. You can write about what you want and feel.
For today's topic you have to continue the story.
This is not a competition, mistakes are welcome here.

Amanda was jogging in a park when it started to rain, she got so upset, she thought: right in the day she was jogging, it rains. She started running trough the trees to cut the distance to the exit, when she heard something following her, her heart accelerates...
May 16, 2019 4:48 AM
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Fear paralyzed her, she wasn't able look back. It might be a stalker, she thought, o my God, why am I always running in the middle of night, it's dangerous! He will kill me, I am sure. She imagined a huge, brutal guy with a lot of tatoos and gold teeth. Then she wasn's able to go and froze like a stone. A big dog passed her, little touched her leg with a tail.
May 16, 2019
.........her heart accelerates but she continues jugging picking up the speed, she felt the beast behind her picked up the speed as well ,she dares not look back to the beast until she heard the supposed beast called out her name ' bashadex ' i have been waiting on the Skype platform for you to join me so we could further practice on my spoken English until I saw you jugging by, I decided to follow you behind. Suddenly, she stops, oops! I thought it was a beer behind me............ 

Someone should correct my mistakes in the above, please. And we can practice spoken English together on Skype, I'm bashadex 
May 17, 2019

when she heard something following her, her heart accelerates...

Pan!Pan! The sound made her duck quickly. Of course, she thought it was gun shooting.

All of sudden, her friends came out of the corner and shouted. "Happy Birthday!, Amanda!" " It's hard work to follow you silently, haha!"  Pan! Pan! They pulled crackers again.

May 17, 2019
Off topic
imran abrar this topic is to training creativity, if you want me to correct your essays, I will. I'm not a native, but I am going to do my best on this task. As imran abrar wants correction, if someone wants this too, put in your text "This text allows correction". Thanks, and let's keep writing.
May 16, 2019
she kept running all the way out till she gets tired and couldn't run more, so she stopped behind a tree felling her heart will come out her chest she looks terrified, she tried to see what following her, she sees something behind the trees and when she focuses on she knew that it was a dog, but the problem is she fears dogs and she couldn't see a way out so she starts screaming and calling for help...
May 16, 2019
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