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Are you here for friendship only or learning a language or both? I've encountered plenty of people lately that are only on Italki for just friendship. They express that they don't really want to learn a language. They just want someone to talk to. If you're looking for friendship only and don't want to improve your speaking nor have a target language goal have you tried other social media websites first before trying a site that's language learning based? There's so many social media sites out there for friendship. So many that aren't founded on learning a language. If you're feeling lonely there's Reddit, Facebook, Twitter etc. 
May 16, 2019 2:57 PM
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I'm here to learn languages, but the value of Italki to me is that COMMUNICATION with a live human is a strong motivating factor.

As a teacher, I'm very familiar with students not seeing the point of learning a vocab word or a grammar issue. However, when you want to understand someone and want to communicate with someone, it gives meaning and weight to the language skills. People like to express opinions (see Facebook/Twitter/etc), and so you can hijack that desire in a pedagogically useful way.

So I like asking my teachers and language exchange partners on Italki questions about their lives, and communicating what I did over the week. And talking about our problems, opinions, and values. It's not "friendship", perhaps, but it's personal communication and it's community in a way. Odysseus went out to see many cities and minds of many peoples, and I think a lot of people on Italki are learning languages in the same spirit.

May 16, 2019


You completely right it looks like so many people here are not really interested in learning languages, but to meet a soulmate. Also, probably, some people from societies with gender separation look for an option to have a chat with the opposite gender. Probably for us, who have a wife/husband, it is difficult to understand what all these people are doing here. Probably they so young that they hesitate to register on dating sites. I don't know, those are just my assumptions.

    On the other hand, a student needs to practice a lot. And it is not possible to have a teacher/tutor for several hours every day, so it is good to have somebody to speak to your target language. You know many language schools encourage students to speak the target language with other students. Without some kind of friendship, it is impossible to have a language partner for a long time. 

May 16, 2019
I noticed that too , but there're some reasons why people tend to make friendships rather than learning a language is because there're no available websites for making friends dedicated for that specific purpose .
 facebook , twitter and similar websites most of its accounts are fake and don't provide actual information about people and It's hard to find people around your age to speak with or people from different cultures 
for example : korean people use kakao talk app and don't use facebook or chinese use wechat ,etc so you can find them here a lot comparing to some other sites , I hope you get my point and excuse my English
May 16, 2019
am here to learn a new language and its culture and the people too
May 16, 2019
Val I guess it's just different in our school districts in the US. When I was in school friendships take time and some friendship don't work out. In language classes in school, you most often if you wanted to study with a student it wasn't really with a 'friend' but an acquaintance. Someone that you maybe didn't know too well other than their name and age and what other classes they're in. You can learn just as much from someone that's not a teacher/tutor or even close friend but an acquaintance. Someone that doesn't really have an interest in friendship but maybe just wants to help you a bit. I'm just kind of thinking... it might be hard to find close friendships here. And again friendships take time. I'm just saying, not to rule out multiple 'acquaintances' for just friendship only. Cause maybe some on here don't want friendship. And then what? If they don't want a teacher, tutor or struggle to find friendship..they narrow their options down to thinking that this site isn't helpful. And just because someone isn't a friend doesn't mean they won't help you or won't want you to do well. Broaden your search. Hoping for a friendship here is nice but it shouldn't be like all or nothing. "I can't find a friend here so this site isn't useful."
May 16, 2019
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