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What activities cause you to feel like you are living life to the fullest?
17 de may de 2019 13:02
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Helping other person to overcome a difficult challenge and physical exercise.
17 de Mayo de 2019

Hey Aniko! 👋🏼 

The activities that make me feel like I am living life to the fullest are traveling and hiking. Traveling makes me feel as if every particle of my being is awake and alive. I love to explore new cities, discover different foods and cultures, and have serious discussions with people from foreign countries. These are some of the things I treasure most in life. 

I also like to hike, especially in forests! 

I liked this question. What would YOU say makes you feel like you’re living your fullest life?😃 


17 de Mayo de 2019
I like trail running and backpacking a lot. I feel most alive when I am running in the mountains. It gives me a refreshing feeling when I am able to exercise and be rewarded with a beautiful view of the mountains. Backpacking allows me to see other countries on a budget. I really enjoy both and I feel I am living life to the fullest .
18 de Mayo de 2019
Commercial quantum computers  HAHA!
17 de Mayo de 2019
That's such a nice thought, Camilo! I totally agree. Helping others gives us a sense of purpose and satisfaction...and makes us happy as well :-)
17 de Mayo de 2019
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