Hi Folk, 
Sometimes ago a person who's name is Stephen texted me here on talki. First he suggested me his help in English after he asked me a lot of questions about my country, in the begging it seemed like he wanted to make a friendship which I didn't mind. We exchanged our numbers and we started chatting via WhatsApp, to be honest I was happy to have American friend with whom I could practice my English but he never was willing to talk by WhatsApp voice call. He made up the story that he is working on the ship and they really have strict rules and he only can chat sometimes... And after one week he asked me a help. He told me that he purchased some diamonds in Turkey but can't take them cuz he is not going directly to USA and he obliged by Turkish bank system to go to the bank in every three months... So at the end he asked me to take his diamonds. He wanted to know my address, email etc but I didn't agree cuz it seemed for me and it is actually was scam. I refused to help him but he was insisting. I really don't know was he smuggling smt or he just needed some information from me but the thing is that it was scam and I just want to warn everybody here to be careful and not to believe anyone who will make up stories like this. His name was Stephen but I'm sure it wasn't his real name.
May 18, 2019 2:00 PM
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Good instincts, Konstantin.  I hope you reported his profile to italki. 
May 18, 2019
Thanks for the warning.. What an awful man trying to use someone for his illegal deeds. 😕
May 18, 2019
I think..you had to tell him that you own jewellery business and his diamonds match very great with your new collection. But unfortunately you don't have enough money on your phone number to accomplish that..and would be so kind if he send you 100 or more $...or whatever he can to make it work..
May 18, 2019
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