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It's Bailey's Mission

Finished watching a movie tonight called “A Dog’s Journey”. A simple drama movie about the life of a dog named Bailey started off as a Boss Dog of a man from a farm in Michigan. Bailey was given a mission by the man to protect and take care of his granddaughter, CJ, before Bailey passed away due to old age and sickness. (CJ was taken away by her mother when she was still a baby)

Bailey reincarnated and was reborn as Molly, who “chose” CJ to adopt her when CJ was about 8 years old. They grew up together and Molly kept CJ company while CJ’s mother was busy with her own life. Molly eventually died in a car accident.

Molly reincarnated into Big Dog, but in this life as Big Dog, he met CJ once but didn’t get to be with CJ. He grew old and died eventually.

Big Dog reincarnated into Max, a small pet dog, who bumped into CJ in New York City and “chose” CJ to adopt him.

Max eventually brought CJ back to Michigan farm to meet CJ’s grandparents and they finally had a reunion, after so many years.

Max continued the cycle of death and birth, and at the point of Max reincarnating, he didn’t feel sad, he felt peaceful, because he knew he had fulfilled his mission. His mission was not just to reunite the family and keeping CJ safe and happy, his mission was to love his people around him, loving everyone and keeping everyone happy and safe. He strived life after life keeping this mission at the back of his mind, his purpose had again and again created the small serendipities that changed the story of the events and lives of the people around him. And only those who knew and understood this mission, could see his presence and appreciate his actions.

There may be times life passes you by without you knowing, and millions of things happened every second in which if we are not aware, we may not truly “see” what happens and “who” makes it happen. If you look back, you may find clues. If you look ahead, you may find ways. But if you don’t have a mission or purpose like Bailey did, you may have many clues and many ways, but you wouldn’t find any path to where you want to be.

Has anyone given you mission? Or have you found one for yourself?

May 18, 2019 5:11 PM
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