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Florian K.
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What are three things you would like to say to your younger self?

As we grow older (ouch!)😜 We tend to be more mature in our thinking and behaviors ( this is not true for everyone though). Lately, I have been thinking about the things I would say to my younger self.

Here are the 3 things I would say to my younger self:

1.  You have to minimize Online shopping. Online shopping is one of those addictions that will lead to Credit card debt. Buy things when they add value to your life.😂🤦‍♂️

2.  Great expectations lead to heartaches.😢😢😢 ( Now I know better)

3. I wish I started sports a little earlier but I guess it is never too late.

What about you? What are the 3 things you would love to tell to your younger self?

Happy weekend and enjoy your Sunday!😊💋🌹🌹

2019年5月18日 22:39
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Hi Florian K.

Listen to your dreams

Don't fear making mistake

Discover new things

@Tan Wen Nice reflection and Yes it is okay to be different. Happy Sunday!😊🌹💋
1. Be more appreciated to everyone ( sometimes I might take the love from people around as granted)

2. Don't afraid to be differnet, (it may be because our culture, in my generation, we are usually trianed as the followe. But not it has been changinh alread

3. Experience more, like traveling more or makinh friends!


1. learn Chinese or Russian or Arabic (damn hindsight).

2. also German

3. Get out of Mexico City as soon as you can! (damn horrible yet adorable city)

Funny thing Korean would be more useful here. But well, open arms to our Chinese overlords ;)
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