How I learned 13 languages with Italki :)

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How I learned 13 languages with help of Italki :)

My name is Carlos and love learning languages as you do! I wanted to share my experience with all of you! And motivate you not to give up and continue learning languages :) 

Italki helped me a lot in this adventure :)

If you liked it, please share! and stay tune  :) I will be posting new videos to give you advices :)

May 20, 2019 1:33 PM
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I'm interested to know what your definition of "learn/learned" is.

What would be the IELTS overall score for any language that you "learned"?

Thank you...

May 20, 2019
Hello Carlos.

It appears that you have misunderstood what I wrote.

1) I said that we <em>never</em> say "advices" or "feedbacks", not that one should never make mistakes at an advanced or proficient level. That's not being extreme, it's simply a fact that it's definitely incorrect to pluralize these words in English, and it's a typical error of non-native speakers.

2) I also didn't say that at a C2 level, one shouldn't make any mistakes. As you can see in my previous comment, I said that at the C2 level, the learner is ready to pay attention to/notice little details such as the one I mentioned. In other words, at the early or intermediate stages, we can't worry about tiny details because we have more important things to learn, but at a proficient level, details are what make the difference.

I'm not sure where you think I said that a C2 level means no mistakes and where you interpreted any extremism.

May 21, 2019

I think it's great that you're interested in and curious about many languages, and that you share what you've learned with others. Your pronunciation in the languages I understand is pretty good, and it's nice to see language learners who obviously make an effort to learn the sounds of various languages and don't just pronounce them as approximations of those that exist in their own language.

When you make your next video giving people advice, keep in mind that we never say "advices" in English. It's not countable. We always give advice, even if this consists of several tips or words of advice. I thought it would be appropriate to mention this since you list yourself as an advanced/proficient (C2) speaker of English, so these little details won't be "over your head" as they might for a beginner or even intermediate speaker. It's a pretty common error (similar to talking about "feedbacks" - never!) so I imagine it's acquired late.

May 20, 2019

Hi Richard, thank you very much for your comment and question.  I only got a certificate in German, since I needed it for my my residence permission and I got level C1. Then I was studying French at level B2 and it is 15 years ago since I got level B2 in English. Since then I improved my English a lot. Regarding  the other languages I can only tell you that I have a conversational level. For me it is not important to have a certificate because learning languages is a passion for me and mainly to be able to communicate with local people. As an anecdote, I met people who had a certificate in C1/C2 in German but my German was more fluent. I also got a job in Germany without presenting any certificates in English or German, because for the company it was more important to check 'live' if I am really able to speak both languages. This of course is subjective as it depends on the company and the job. Obviously if you apply for a job as a translator you would need to prove your level by certificate. So I think it is always the personal situation if you need a certificate or like to have one :)

May 22, 2019
You are awesome!!! That's great with what you are doing now!!! Learning 13 languages is impossible to me
May 20, 2019
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