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I continue to write posts in order to lean English :-) I wrote a new post. It's about users requests. Please check! 😘 I hope I did not make a lot of mistakes. 

Draft page on Medium with images:


Workflow #1.1. Collect user requests

How to work with requests step by step and don't lose something important. I usually start with a situations. This is important point.

    You should think about you app through real situations. How they solve the problems now, how your app will help them.

Let's make a mobile app where parent can see where their children are.

1 step. Set roles, describe the situations.


Father, mother, children (6–15 ages).

Use cases

Role: FATHER/MOTHER. Goal: I just want to be certain that my children in safe.

Case 1: I'm on the work, lunch time, I want to see where my children now after school. Are they lost? In the app: see the children on the map.

Case 2: At home, there was an accident at the school - I want to know where was my children. In the app: see the path on the map of movements.

Case 3: Evening. My son is not answering the phone. I want to see the last position and time. In the app: see the path of movements should be ordered by time. Maybe collect the paths by days.

Role: CHILDREN. Goal: I want to be safe, and live my live. I dislike frequent disturb of parents "What are you doing? Where are you now?".

Let's use to systemize it. This is a service like Excel, but looks like as a small database. I started to use this service recently and I hope it will be powerful tool.

Fill the Role table:

Describe users. Add name and describe the main goal for each role.



Add and connect role and Parts columns. Parts - it's some part of your future app (you can change it later, just first try to combine requests). Add requests and fill columns.



This is the parts of your future app.


2 step. Write all requests.

Write other tasks and users requests.


3 step. Prioritize

Prioritize your requests. Add column priority.


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