To explain my experience in words is very difficult. Though my internship

period is for short period of time and 2 months were not long enough to get through all the ups and downs in this job. But working in Phuc Thanh hotel made it

a complete worth. Unlike other hotels, Phuc Thanh hotel never pushed their trainees limited to the back of the house doing petty things. Instead they encouraged their trainees to be in the front to see the operational works as clear as water. In most of the hotel,

trainees are rarely allowed to perform in the daily operations of the hotel. But, in

Phuc Thanh hotel, trainees are trained mostly through the method of on the job

training. Firstly, they taught me about process and procedure of the job and allowed me

to carry out the tasks under proper supervision. This Hotel is successful in imparting

sense of responsibilities on trainees and encourages them to perform well. I made

mistakes and they taught me through. I get chance to broaden up my knowledge and

sharpen my skills through the interaction with professionals and guests. I had this

experience of working in real work environment with professional experts in a good

working environment. This internship also helps to bring best out of me. It made me

more hospitable, courteous, sincere and hard working. Also, it enhances my creative

and tactical abilities to deal with people individually and in mass. They handover the

operation of entire shift to the trainee under the supervision of the managers which

made me more confident and knowledgeable regarding how to run an operation. I

faced the guest complaints but we tried to solve that comes within our understandings.

If not, i would seek our supervisor to handle the situations. The two months period

is very short to understand everything but, everything i learnt during this period

equals to an achievements.

Apart from a good learning experience, I faced different kinds of problems

during internship. The first one is communication problem. Most of the guest coming from China, Korea, Japan, Russia, France preferred speaking

in their own native language as they are not able to speak English, neither

did they understand properly. So, at times it was very difficult to understand what they

were trying to say, and was equally difficult to make them understand what i was

saying. We just used body language or translation to be able to understand each other. Secondly, though the staffs were pretty co-operative and helpful but they tend to depend

on trainees for their works that created unnecessary pressure or workloads on the

trainees. This experience brought out my strength and added more confidence to my professional approach built a positive attitude and taught me how to work in team as a player. As a human being, I noticed many changes in my attitude. I am more confident and more likely to do any work now. During my training, I enjoyed the challenges I faced every single day. I learned that this is just the beginning of the road and I have to travel a long distance to be a successful person in this field.

❖ Recommendation

1. To the organization

➢ Human Resources Department should recruit the personnel who has

language skills, especially English.

➢ Housekeeping Department should conduct research regularly about

guest need and expectation, so it will minimize guest complain.

➢ The hotel should look towards hiring more permanent staff and bring well qualified part-timers who have at least basic knowledge of service and hospitality.

➢ Departments have to do promotion for restaurant menu, so the guests feel interest to eat in hotel restaurant.

2. To the university

➢ University should continue with internship program, this is because it helps to prepare the students for their careers in future and also enable the students to practice the theoretical knowledge obtained during class be exercised practically. It also helps to develop students understanding of work ethics, employment demands, responsibilities and opportunities.

➢ It is aimed to improve quality of education and learning, foreign language major should apply output criteria to foreign language students in order to exert pressure on students to reach to standard levels of languages

➢ Principal should pay attention for improving the quality of school facilities; particularly, with faculty of foreign language, It is super necessary to equip classrooms with high-tech speaker, micro and projector.

➢ Teacher fronted style of teaching should be limited and new teaching methods should be seek to motivate students to study autonomously.


May 21, 2019 7:10 AM
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