what's ur idea about telling some jealous people ur success ??will they make some problems for you? Hi everybody,,we should share our succeed happenings with them or not?? 
May 21, 2019 6:41 PM
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It's always best to be humble but you can't please everyone even if you're grounded. Realistically speaking, you'll have 'haters' and not everyone would be genuinely happy for your success. Being arrogant or showing off too much would just add fuel to the fire. Either way, just be yourself and don't mind what others would say
May 22, 2019
I think that if anything, it's better to let other people talk about your success. That way, you can't be accused of showing off, and you can be sure it's a really big deal. Sometimes we're happy we've made progress in something or achieved a goal, but it's not objectively that exceptional, and when we talk about it too much, we look boastful and also a little unaware, as though we're overestimating our skills.
May 21, 2019
Yussss that's the point,👏👏👏
May 21, 2019
If a person hate you , they will continue to feel  that even if you do anything. Just accept the true that we always have haters and we can not satisfy everyone . Ignore them and move on !! 
May 24, 2019

Hello Zahra,

If I knew they were jealous and might start a problem, I would not mention my success. If they asked me, I would tell them, but very carefully!

Good luck to you!


May 22, 2019
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