feisal muhammad
why my english getting worst ??
i felt in everyday my english skill getting worst ...
i need some advice ?
May 22, 2019 5:00 AM
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<ol><li>Skill fade. No practice = English gets worse.</li><li>If you are learning, then you also discover more about how much you don't know yet. This can make you feel that you are not progressing or even getting worse.</li></ol>


Find a teacher who can help you learn and practice.
Read, read some more, and do some reading.
Learn song lyrics and sing along
Use new vocabulary in your practicing
May 22, 2019
Over time if you practice enough and feel comfortable speaking and you know you're speaking correctly and clearly your confidence will improve. 
May 22, 2019
yes i have watched english with lucy on youtube , because of her i know this site, she's recommend this site for learn
May 24, 2019

it happens sometimes, its a natural thing with english learners

my advise on that, would be

1. find a better method to learn it. coz its never too late

2. find an english partner who you can practice with

i don't recommend writing text on chat, nooooo

u gotta practice your tongue to become better

May 24, 2019
As an English learner, i can feel you b/c I have been there. Its like speaking sills are unpredictable, some days we are super confident and the conversations just flow, while on other days we seem to get stuck. Don't worry, its natural. Keep talking no matter how bad it may seem and pls believe me, everything will get better and you will take your confidence back.
May 24, 2019
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