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Are you a creative student or not?
I've been teaching Polish for around 5 years now and I noticed there are a lot of learning styles among my students. I love teaching in general but I like the most those students who are not afraid to be creative. Who make up stories and change characters just to play with language. Because when I ask "What does your apartment look like?" they can tell the truth once, twice but it doesn't mean they would remember the vocabulary. Telling about the same topic 5 times can be boring but what about creating a completely new reality?

I myself really enjoy being creative in learning languages (and teaching as well. I'm addicted to writing stories in simplified Polish). I like looking at pictures of people and trying to make up a story of their life in my target language. I also like playing with Story Cubes (do you know them? They are such a great tool!)

If you are a creative student of Polish I would like to invite you to follow my podcast for beginners and upper beginners, because I've started a new cycle of longer stories - divided into halves. After publishing the first part I will ask my listeners to get involved and try to finish the story or share their ideas about what can happen next. In Polish of course.

The new story of Jason (part 1) is already available to listen on Itunes, Spotify and my website: but I already closed collecting ideas from my listeners and the part 2 with listeners' ideas will be published this weekend!

Tell me what do you think about creative learning? Do you try to write stories or be imaginative during your language practice or you just answer to questions? Do you find this technique useful at all?

May 22, 2019 2:20 PM
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