Cookie and Tea This is a shop of Cookie and Tea, where we can relax and enjoy a delicious meal, i hope you guys like it❤️

Sarturday, 1:30 p.m

I was standing next to a trafict light, next to me is a lady with some bags, i asked her if she needs help, she didn't say anything but just a paper, she quietly walk away, is was rude, isn't it? But then, i read the paper she gave me, it was about some cookies and tea, i take a deep breath and said "why people keep giving me these paper?" I thought of trying to go to the shop, and then, i thought again, " Nah, i'm too lazy"…

Sunday, 3:33 p.m

I was bored and thought of a idea, i get dresed then went to the shop that i was tell buy the lady from yesterday. I step infront of the shop and chat to my friend to ask if she wanna come but she said that she's busy so i went to the shop lonely, just open the door and i heard some conversation, but i don't really care, i just sit in the hair quietly and order some meals, but i have to admit that the foods and drinks there are delicious and i love it, but there's a problem, the money are too expensive, i ask the cashier and then i got mad, however, we got a deal. After that, i still don't feel comfortable, it's like… they a little bit rude, but atleast i still enjoyed that meals 🥰

May 22, 2019 3:49 PM
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