English laziness Well, I so often looked for language partner. Actually, I found so many guys, who wanted improve English... but why we will not improve it when the partner is found. I mean English laziness, when you haven't enough time to speak and so on... When I opened this app last time I supposed to make English group at whatsapp. So many guys wanted to join, but after several days after joining they became silent... 
May 23, 2019 11:10 AM
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Well, I think that's common, but you know, it depends on one's level. At the beginning, it's really useful to chat but if you're intermediate or upper it becomes less and less useful. Anyway, we have a chat on Telegram (t.me/the_english_chat) and if you want, you can join us. On the one hand it is much better to talk only with native speakers but on other hand it could be impossible for a number of reasons like mostly they are not available or you need money for talking to them... Anyway, daily practice is crucial for learners, and we have to catch any opportunities to talk with someone whether they are a native speaker or not... And yes, we are lazy and we tend to procrastinate rather than studying. That's true!
May 23, 2019
And an idea: read the forum and find other like-minded people complaining at the same:)
May 23, 2019
Timur, there are many Chinese and Vientamese students searching for partners here. These two countries are peculiar in two respects:

 - they are interested in partnership with other learners
-  they take English seriously
also many of them are about your age or even younger. 

In China people (school students) are now much better in English than it was some 10 years ago. Particualarly, pronunciation. Other peculiarity of China and Korea (I don't know much about Vietnamese eduction) is that they have... more than 2 times more lessons in school than we have in Russia. In other words they are used to working much harder (and having less free time):/
This is not to suggest that people from other countries (like Russia) can't be serious:) 
May 23, 2019
Because of the you language skills. Primarily try to improve yourself. I had spoke with one guy who wanted to learn russian but it is too difficult to communicate with him. He speak not so clear how i would want to hear and i was forced to endure his speech. I learn english for a little time and sure - i really on the slow-side too when i speak. You should to become better and speak more fluent than you do it in the moment
May 23, 2019
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