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Project-Based Learning in Language Acquisition

I teach at a high school in California and we are a "Project-Based Learning" school -- this means that instead of notes and tests and homework, we design projects that require critical thinking and collaborative skills.

An example of this could be having our students write, revise, and publish a comic book -- Since I teach Multimedia and Film Production, my students produced a documentary film about the San Diego - Tijuana (U.S.A. - Mexico) binational community -- we showed the film in a movie theater to around 200 people.

Project-Based Learning is a progressive style of education that many schools around the world are finding great value in -- I haven't seen any ESL schools or language schools adopt this type of curriculum, but I believe there is tremendous potential for effective acquisition of a target language via "PBL"

Is anyone here familiar with Project-Based Learning?
May 23, 2019 11:45 PM
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I assume that most formally trained second language teachers are familiar with different teaching methods including N. Prabhu's work on task-based learning. (link:

Unfortunately, teachers usually have to follow the curriculum that they are given.

May 24, 2019
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