Free or commercial medicine? Do you have free medicine in your country? Do you think it makes sense to have free medicine?
In Russia we have free medicine. We have hospitals that sponsored by government with many general physicians and with very rare directions in medicine. But usually as you can understand anyway patients pay for treatment. Doctors also not very satisfied with their salaries and also tries to get more from patients. Dentists, ophthalmologists and some other physicians people prefer attend only in commercial hospitals or clinics. 

What is situation in your country with medicine? Do you try avoid contact with hospitals? :)

May 24, 2019 1:02 PM
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In theory, governments are expected to provide free healthcare system, but in reality it is too complicated to sustain especially in countries which are highly populated and have huge income distribution difference. 

If private medical institutions properly control/supervise by the governments in every aspects (service and personnel quality as well as price/fees), they can make good&fair competition become available. 

May 24, 2019
You mean "free healthcare" as opposed to "for-profit healthcare" Most countries have some complex mixture of both, and it seems there is no perfect healthcare system
May 24, 2019

In Brazil, we have free medicines too. The public health system is not good here, it lacks a lot of health equipment and we don't have enough doctors as well. People have private health insurance when they can afford it. I have private health insurance, but I avoid any type of hospital.

May 24, 2019
In Kuwait? Ohhh that's new information for me.. are right. The word health care suits here more..

Just I noticed that insurance and taxes that people pay, not always a guarantee to get a good treatment. For example if one was paying for insurance for 20 years and then got some serious health problem, insurance company in most cases refuses to pay for some expensive operation or medicine. This free health care or medicine is not so free. Is it the same in your countries?
May 24, 2019
We have free healthcare in Kuwait, and it’s really good and efficient, and doctors get paid well. Medicine is a highly sought-after profession.
May 24, 2019
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