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Pronouncing VS Writting

I don't know about English but in Portuguese is common even a native speaker to come across with a new word, but since Portuguese is a syllable-timed language most of the times easier to know how to write a word just listening to someone saying it, but in English I imagine that it's not that easy because there are a lot of homophones, and words that are written completely different the way its spoken, it kind of makes impossible to write a word without knowing previously, just like: threwthrough, right, write

Does it make sense?

May 24, 2019 6:24 PM
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Yes, Luis, that’s absolutely true. Just try to read as much as possible, understand spelling rules (which really only work about 80% of the time), understand how etymology affects spelling, and nowadays you can use audio and text together. It’s also helpful to visualize the spelling of a word in your mind’s eye. When all that fails — and it will — native speakers consult a dictionary — so should you.

May 24, 2019
It makes total sense, and it's a true observation. English spelling is a mishmash and a mess, but it also records a lot of the history of the changes in our language. The inconsistent spellings reflect loan words from different languages and changes in English pronunciation over the centuries. For the native speaker it can be very interesting. 
May 24, 2019

That's so cool haha, you guys have a crazy and beautiful language. Thanks God we have internet so we can just google these words in order to know how to pronounce it. English is definitely great.

May 25, 2019
@Anna B

No way haha, it's really cool to read that, because I've been struggling with it, it's interesting to know that even natives do it too.
May 25, 2019

Thank you for the tips, I need to work on understand spelling rules, I'll improve it. 

May 25, 2019
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