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Which is more important, a great car or a great house? Why?

   This is one of the discussions I had with a friend. If you were able to save enough money, what will you buy first? A car or a house?

It depends on the individual and personal priorities. I would definitely buy a house first. I think it is most important.

I can always use public transportation like a bus or a train to go to other places. Also, gasoline prices in my country are quite high.

What about you? Will you buy a house or a car first and why?

May 25, 2019 2:12 AM
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Absolutely a house because house comes under the basic need of human being.

They say "As long as you have roof under your head, clothes on your back, food on your table and those around you who you love, you have all you'll ever need...!!! "

I love cars too but after every other necessary things 😁😁😁
May 25, 2019

Chac mool, travelling from Moscow to Paris in a car can be, of course, interesting. But for some reason car owners here would rather fly a plane and rent a car in France. Even more interesting if you are heading to Marrakesh:)) Russia-Belorussia-Poland-Germany-France-Spain-ferry-Morocco.  Without crossing Mediterranean in a ferry your route would be truly wonderful. A thread with a good half of world conflicts and closed borders you hear on TV about stringed on:) Within Russia public transportation is fine and rather popular.

May 25, 2019
What about a cozy mobile home? which may allow you to travel around and keep yourself out of precarious life when you are tired of everyday routines. 
May 25, 2019
Cars depreciate so it would be better to invest in a home
May 25, 2019

In my country the priority is to buy a house instead of rent a house. But I know that in many countries people rather rent a house and avoid to get a mortgage for great part of their lifes. I think it depends on the culture, but in my humble opinion I would buy a house before to buy a car.

May 25, 2019
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