I would like to be grateful if someone helps me correcting my writing English. This is story to my friend that he got accident and he can not join to our match, I write the letter about the match who was the winner, field conditions, and about his health condition, please help me to correcting my writing and give me some vocabularies it will really help me. 
Thank you

Dear jhony

 I was so sad to hear your accident, I hope, you are doing well,  we had match yesterday and our team worked on well , we won with our rival. We got 5 point which The opposite only got 4 point, we made the supporters were so exited And the last match our supporters sang song about you

The condition about the field was bad because of the raining it was so heavy, a lot of puddles was combined with mud on the field it was so difficult for us to step up but we believed that we could solve that situation

Let us to know When you're going home bacause the next match we will arrange a new strategy with our coach if you have not been healthy you do not force yourself to come to match

Best wishes
May 25, 2019 8:50 PM
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Oh sorry, I will post it in note book section.. thank you
May 25, 2019
This should be posted in the notebook section.  
May 25, 2019
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