Vicky Lee
What do you think about the pros and cos of the social media ?
May 26, 2019 3:10 AM
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Pro: You can communicate with family, friends and strangers all over the globe.

Con: Since almost anyone can sign up it's easy to steal identity. Spreading false information happens too and some people are made easy to believe.

Let's not use these tools to deceive others but to socialize with old and new friends out there.

May 26, 2019
Social media is a double edged sword. It has its own merits and demerits.

It can be used to spread awareness in our society and on the other hand it can cause a great harm by spreading rumors.

People should be using it very carefully and understand that they have some moral responsibilities towards the society.
May 26, 2019

PROS: Social media can update us about what is happening with our friends and family.

I also like reading world news on Facebook.

CONS: It is quite addicting and sometimes it takes too much of my time.

It can affect our relationship with others because we don't talk to them in person but we always look at our phones.

May 26, 2019


It connects us with the whole world.


It disconnects us from our own world.

May 26, 2019

One huge pro: That you can keep in touch with friends, families,co-workers etc. You can meet new people and talk to them in English:)

There are lot of cons I think: You can be a victim of social media and social media can become very easily your false reality. You waste your time you miss experiences your real-life abilities(in more aspects of life) will not be so good, all in all your brain will get a new form. Maybe it was too strong and if  you are able to find the balance between the social media and normal life, it will not be so dangerous. But as it created to become addict. You have to pay attention:)

May 26, 2019
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