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Genie From The Magic Lamp
So the movie Aladdin tells us that if you rub the magic lamp, genie would be out to grant you 3 wishes, with the only criteria or principles that you cannot wish to kill someone, wish for someone to love you or wish to bring someone dead back to life. And Genie says you have to be specific in making your wish, otherwise he wouldn’t know what exactly you wish for so he would not be able to give you what you really want and need.

Coming back to real life, we are all pursuing something in our lives, be it money, career, relationship, happiness, peace and etc. That means all of us want something. And yet not all of us are getting what we want or wish for. Why? Simply because we are not specific to what we wish for.

We wish to be rich, and yet we never quantify how much is rich - a good job or business, a house, a car, a yearly vacation. So what type of house, what type of car, where and how long is the yearly vacation? Most of us would say, as long as it’s decent enough for me to live by then it is good enough for me. So when you have a vague wish, you get a vague answer, and you probably are not going anywhere but circling in the same vicious cycle.

Making a wish as specific as you could, bring in the details in terms of quantity and quality, set the time, location and people that you need to help you achieve that, like a plan, and then bring in all your senses to feel your wishes as you want them to happen to you - there you have it. If you can’t feel it, then it’s probably not the kind of wish that you really long for. Seek again.

If you don’t have the alignment of your mind, heart and body in terms of thinking and sensation, you don’t have enough intimacy with your wish.

We often relate intimacy to romantic or sexual relationship between lovers, the lovey-dovey, tsa-tsa-tzu kind of feeling that you experience when you are in love. It seems like only romance and love could give you this kind of heart-melting feeling in life generally. The fact is that we have overlooked the other meaning it has, which is closeness or close relationship.

Have you ever asked this question - how is your relationship with your health? Or money? Or yourself? How close are you with them? Often we relate closeness to someone like a friend, family member or a partner, but we never relate it to our daily activities or the being of us.

How is your relationship with your breakfast, lunch and dinner?
How is your relationship with your body & health?
How is your relationship with your bank account and your wallet?
How is your relationship with your job, business or career?
Are you paying attention to them?
How are they making you feel?
How do you want to feel about them?
How much do you really know about them?
What are you doing to make them better?
How do you want to make them better?

We often feel not happy or not enough because we never really care enough to try to understand the relationships we have around them. When we change the way we see the things around us as relationship instead of just mere things or circumstances, it changes the way we approach them.

I want to be intimate with my meals, my sleep, my exercise, my knowledge, my family, my friends, my partner, my colleagues, my clients, my dogs, my house, my bed, my table, my computer, my books, my car, my living environment, my space, my peacefulness.

I want to be close and be able to enjoy the moment when I am with them, this is the state that I want to improve and achieve. This is the intimacy that I long for and wish for.

So from now on, I want to pay attention to how they make me feel, and how I want to make them feel for me. Pay attention to prepare a nice breakfast, then having a nice breakfasts makes you feel good in the morning; pay attention to manage your finances well, then your finances would manage your life well; pay attention to listen to your body when it feels good or bad, and gives what it needs and it nourishes you back; pay attention to maintain your car, it would give you less problems.

Take the responsibility to dive deep and seek, you would discover and call out the Genie from the magic lamp that can grant you the wishes you ask for.
May 26, 2019 9:46 AM
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