About my favorite movie 🍿 If life was like a movie, I would have fallen in love with Jhon Depp, but married with Tom Hanks. If you ask me why the answer is simple. Johny Depp is very attractive in his whole role, and Tom Hanks is the man who always wants to be around. Confirmation of this is movie called " You have a got mail" . It's my favorite movie with Tom Hanks. When I filling sad I like to watch this movie. And even when I want to relax I turn on this movie. And it happens that you don't know what movie choice, I also watch this movie. In short, this film enchants me. Every time I watch this movie I want to thank the actors, directors , that are done such a wonderful movie. Finally I also want to thank my husband because he gave me this poster. And I want to say that it's good that life doesn't look like a movie. Because in reality LOVE 💕 looks even better....
May 27, 2019 5:41 AM
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can you imagine forrst gump without tom hanks ?
Tom Hanks is a method actor. He tries to become completely emotionally synchronized with the character he is playing. And it shows. He repeatedly makes you believe that he is who he is playing, be it a slightly slow man with a heart of gold, a Fed-Ex employee stranded on a deserted island, or a ship captain captured by Somali pirates.
love love 

have you seen life is beautiful ?
May 27, 2019
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