The colour in idiomatic expressions

There are a lot of idiomatic expressions that use a colour as part of it. 

Here are some examples that I could think of:

- Quedarse en blanco (Sp.= to remain in white) - to go blank

- Ponerse negro (Sp. = to become black) - to become very angry

-Estar verde (to be green) - to be without experience

-To be yellow - to be a coward

- Blau sein (Ger. = to be blue)  - to be drunk

- быть голубым (Rus. = to be blue) - to be gay (especially for men) 

Could you think about other idiom with a colour? I'm sure there are still a lot!!! 

May 27, 2019 2:00 PM
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The etymology of „blau sein“ referring to being drunk isn’t clear. There are several possible explanations. Two of them are the following:
<ol><li>When you’re drunk you feel dizzy and even can pass out. Nowadays when you are about to faint, you say that it gets black before your eyes (mir wird schwarz vor den Augen) but in former times „blue“ was used for this expression.</li><li>A widely shared story that isn’t supported by etymologists though is this: „The most important blue dye was the indian indigo or the somewhat less intense and locally available woad. Manufacture of the dye involved fermenting the woad leaves with human urine. The fermentation is facilitated by the presence of alkohol in the mixture. The usual method for the dyers was to drink alkohol and use their alkohol enriched urine for the fermentation process. Pieces of fabric were immersed in the woad bath usually on sundays for at least 12 hours. The blue color became visible after a prolonged contact of the fabric with air. Drunken dyers lying around hanging fabric on mondays gave rise to colloquial german expressions such as "Blauer Montag" (blue monday = stay away from work on monday) and "Blau werden" (get blue = get drunk).“ (<a href="" target="_blank"></a>;)</li></ol>
June 2, 2019
Imagine a German guy going to Russia but speaking very little Russian... Going out to party and telling everyone that he likes to be blue! :D
May 31, 2019

"Ponerse negro" könnte man  auch mit "sich schwarz ärgern" oder "sich grün und blau ärgern" übersetzen.

"Estar verde" = noch grün hinter den Ohren sein

Wenn man "blaumacht", geht man nicht in die Arbeit oder Schule, sondern schwänzt.

Wenn man alles "rosig sieht" oder "durch die rosarote Brille sieht", dann sieht man die Sachen positiver als sie sind. 

May 31, 2019
"Essere al verde" literally to be at green. In italian ot means to be without money left
May 28, 2019

"Rose tinted glasses" for when you see something or someone in a much more positive light than you should and believe in the best of something or someone despite evidence to the contrary.

May 28, 2019
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