Making the world better
I don't know how to make the world better, but I know one of the way not to turn the world worse. That is to have no children at all since right now. Perhaps it would be worse temporally, but it shall be settled at the end. We put all we have into just betterment of present lives until every single of us die.

We just keep those who haven't been born unborn to prevent bringing another troubles. If you haven't been born, you needn't suffer at all; such as death. You shouldn't put a person in troubles without her/his permission. I wouldn't say much if you could make a person assent to come to exist before they were born, telling them that they are likely to meet any difficulties through all their life and then have to die no matter how they wish to be alive.

The reason why we have problem is just that there are us. When this method finally gets done, there is never any problems caused by mankind because we are not there.

I can't say it's better than now, but I suppose it can't be worse because we don't have to get annoyed.
May 28, 2019 7:30 AM
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A machine can be programmed to fulfill its creator's requests only and it will not care about itself, completely selfless and only existing for its master's needs. But humans are not machines. They can't get over their nature because it's their nature - a leopard can't change its spots. We can try to get better, to become more responsible and responsive. But not cast off our humanness. That's how I see it.

May 28, 2019
Sorry , but I disagree . How the world can be sweet without kids . If we do not have kids so what we gonna land for ?!  there is a lot of other way that can make the world much better if we just chill out and respect each other and stop using the internet in a wrong way . Everything will be fine if we just understand and accept each other culture and stop fighting .
May 28, 2019
I don't want to give it up to conquer our nature just because it's our nature to behave selfish. It's nothing but excuse to remain selfish or not to make the world  a better place. If machines were superior to humans, we should try to be like them since it's better. Maybe it's weird to say so, but if there were no better ways than it, we had to take that even if we don't like it.
May 29, 2019

I agree with some points of your reasoning. The world is actually OVERPOPULATED, the resources that the earth has is very limited.

The key is to control the population. That is the reason why China has a one-child policy before. The trend nowadays is that a lot of people prefer not to have children because having a child needs a lot of resources, it is a responsibility. 

I feel the world can be a better place , if people accept responsibility and if we train our children to take care of the earth. It is a matter of discipline but it is not difficult to do. Taking care of the earth has little to do with having children or not, but more on having discipline. The human race needs to continue.

May 28, 2019

If human being is so smart, there should have been no problems at all and we all could have lived happily forever. However, as you know, it isn't. But since we have some brain thankfully, we can and have to stop unfortunate things. If we know we are selfish, we should cure it.We must get over our nature.

As for another race that takes our place after the extinction of us, I can't think of anything about them when it's too heavy for us to take care of ourselves.I suppose they'll live well by themselves somehow and it's none of our business. Maybe they can built a perfect peace not like us.

We have to stop to think if it's really good and necessary to bring a kid here as one of mortals. I think we can only choose this way because we have responsibility for kids who doesn't exist yet, unless someone can instantly solve all the problems we have this minute. Even if you need someone to take care, it can't be the reason why you have them.

May 28, 2019
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