Polina Doskevich
Books and their film versions. Correct me, please :)
Nowadays, some people think that reading a good book is the Best way of spending their leisure time. However, there are others who would rather prefer watch it's film version.
As for me, I believe that reading an interesting book is really exciting. Of course, I love watching films, but there are some advantages of reading. It is hard to take stock of all the useful knowledge I've learned from books. Moreover, you initially can Imagine, for example, the appearance of the charactets yourself and then see how the director of the film version does. Finally, authors write books th touch on profound issues and make people think about them.
Nevertheless, It has become fashionable among young people not to read books. They say it is easier and faster to watch their film versions instead of reading 'boring books'.
I disagree with this opinion because it's crucial for humanity to keep reading good books. There is one theory behind why children and teenagers study worse at school today, don't remember the important information etc. The problem is the lack of reading good literature. More than that, there's a lot of interesting information that is easily cut out while screening the film.
To sum up, I'd like to say that both reading books and watching films are really enjoyable things to do, but we don't have to forget about reading as well.

This is my school essay. Please check it out :) Thank you for reading. 
May 29, 2019 8:34 AM
Polina Doskevich
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