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Idioms for Business English

Idiomatic expressions are quite useful to convey what you want to express and idioms are also useful in the Business setting.

Here are 5 idioms that you can use. Always remember that when you learn a new word or phrase. Practice making sentences out of it.

1. by the book

meaning: To do things "by the book" means to do things according to company policy or the law.

Example: I have to do things by the book in 

my workplace or else I will be in trouble.

2. call it a day

meaning: To "call it a day" means to decide to stop working for the day. 

example: I have been working since 7 am, it's

11 pm now, let's call it a day and resume work 


3. change of pace

meaning: "A change of pace" is something different from a normal routine or schedule.  

Example: Our company needs a change of pace,

our work is becoming boring.

4. cut corners

meaning: To "cut corners" means to take shortcuts and find an easier or cheaper way to do something. 

example: If you want quality products, do not cut corners.

5. cut-throat

meaning: "Cut-throat" is used to describe

 something that is very intense, aggressive, 

and merciless.

example: In the fashion industry, the competition

is cut throat.

Use at least 2 of the idioms and make a sentence of your own. The meaning and examples are included for your reference.

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