an accent v.s pronunciation What is called "an accent"?!
Isn't "an accent" the combination of correct pronunciations?
If we want to have a good accent, can we just pronounce the words in a correct form? 

May 30, 2019 4:55 PM
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An accent is a set of pronunciations associated a group of people, usually from a city or country.

For example, a standard (mass media) British accent drops /r/ after a vowel.

"My father drives his car to work" sounds (approximately) like "My fathuh drives his cah to wuhk."

A standard (mass media) American accent keeps /r/ in all positions.

"My father drives his car to work" includes all the /r/s.

A French accent is English with some French sounds replacing English sounds.

A Persian (Farsi) accent is English with some Farsi sounds replacing English sounds.

Here is some information about non-native pronunciation:

May 30, 2019
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