Looking for an AMERICAN English / Germany Conversation...
Hey guys!
I am at the very beginning of increasing my english, and on top of it : Performing a fluent Southern American Accent. I know, that sounds foolish but you always have to have a goal :)

What can I give you ?

Well that`s not much... No, so although i never finished studiyng i am very common with the German Language, been working on theatres since 10 years now so i have textcomprehension, but i would never have the knowledge of a German Germanistik-Student.

I`m sure that when we talk in german i can give u some advises, and u can show how to sound like a real Floridaman? ;)

Just contact me, let`s have a talk!

May 30, 2019 5:44 PM
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Welcome, Alex. As you know, Southern Accent (from the SE USA) is not exactly standard, but I understand you’re an actor, so OK :)

As a German native speaker, you are actually in high demand — you have a lot to offer. I also think acting skills have a lot of applicability to foreign language learning.

One more thing — most of Florida is actually not part of the South. northern Florida may be, but central and southern Florida are mainly inhabited by people (and their descendants) from north of the Mason-Dixon Line fleeing the cold weather, and Latin Americans (often fleeing communist Cuba).

Off the top of my head, I’d say the “best” coastal southern accents would be North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Inland southern is a bit different, found in most of Texas, Tennessee, and so on. You probably don’t have to choose an exact accent, but you’ll want to at least choose inland or coastal depending on the role. 
May 30, 2019
Hey Alex! I'm from south Texas and i'm learning German! I can help with your conversation in English!

June 1, 2019

Hey Phil,

thank u so much for the helpful comment. Yeah i think i mixed up some things by mentioning "THE SA Accent", cause there is not "the one". I even heard, and that`s the same case in Germany, that from region to region and village to village the dialect always can change ^^.  I believe the SA is really hard to learn. But the regions u ment will be the my first denitations when i travel to the US in (hopefully) 2 years.

You fixed an awkard education lack of mine with the Mason-Dixon aspect. I was convinced that the whowle of Florida is South, but i will read on later ...

It encourages me when you say that my possible skills are in high demand. You`re right, learning texts is not a big problem for me.  And maybe i could easily relearn spanish or start learning another. To be honest,, i`ve been always fascinated by The American English. The interest left me for a few years in the 20s where i almost thought i complete listening comprehension. ( I wasnt able to understand easy talkshows sequences without lines/ a translator... But then it all came back and i started to research and learn, today i watch even True Tetectives without subs ^^.

But listening comprehension is not the same as speaking on his own, and there is a lot of work to do. Before choosing an specific option i shouldcope with the standard accent I guess. Hope that some teachers can help me here :)

May 30, 2019
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