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Does your style adapt to the country you live in? ( fashion/ clothing)

I think this is an interesting topic because ITALKI is a language market with possibly all the nations in the world. Clothing might not be useful information or topic for some but it actually is.  I will give you an example of why...When you travel to a place, one of the first things you check is the weather because you will plan the clothing you will bring base on that.  You would need to wear flip flops or summer clothes in countries with warmer weather all year round.

Another point is that some countries are more conservative than others. For example, Swiss people are known to be modest and conservative in their clothing style. so when you have a business meeting with a Swiss, you have to dress more formal but with modesty. This is the exact opposite when you visit a South American country where people are more open and adventurous.

Countries like Japan, of course, has an entirely unique and rather strange fashion choice. in Korea, appearance and clothing is a very important part of their life. Things like that...

I know that men usually have the usual T-shirt and jeans sort of thing but hey.. I think each country is unique in their clothing style. You are welcome to share your thoughts about this. I think it is useful information and clothing is part of the culture as well.

Does your style adapt to the country you live in?

Do you adjust your clothing style when you travel?

May 31, 2019 1:31 AM
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I can't say that my style changes drastically according to the culture and preferences of the people whose country I am visiting or living in. It's entirely dependent on the weather, what I feel good in, and my personal standards for modesty and comfort. I wear primarily classic clothes in neutral colors and natural fabrics. The cut and color changes a little depending on the season, but all year I love wearing blazers, trousers, and simple, classic shirts. Sometimes I will wear a dress or skirt, but I much prefer the ease and elegance of more masculine clothing. I have a few bright and printed items, and I must say that I enjoying learning about clothing, fabrics, and style.

I think I dress more conservatively than many people in Western countries, but far less conservatively than people in, say, some countries in Asia. Even if I visit a country where women show more skin, I won't do it just to fit in. Similarly, I won't hide my hair, face or whole body just to fit in elsewhere. In countries where women are more feminine and wear a lot of make-up and high heels, I will still wear one of my two pairs of sneakers and no make-up, even if I'm going somewhere fancy or wearing a skirt. I'm always in sneakers. I might admire the artistry of an artfully dressed and well made-up woman, but it's not for me.

Great topic. You ask the right questions to transform everyday topics into interesting discussions.
May 31, 2019
I am not sure that travellers should adopt their clothing style to a country they are going to visit. We can see travellers and recognize them easily because they wear what most travelers do - something simple and convenient. Of course, if one intends to visit places like a theater or some special restaurant, he or she should respect clothing code, otherwise I see no reason to fit myself to a local fashion. 
May 31, 2019
It depends but personally i think my style is OK in any place!!!! 
May 31, 2019
Absolutely, Florian. I missed it.
May 31, 2019
@Seraph Good point but I also want to add the dress code in temples should be followed. I see a lot of foreigners do not follow which is a actually a sign of disrespect.
May 31, 2019
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