Is your hometown special in some way? After living in Europe for years I finally came back to my hometown Kaliningrad (Russia) for some documents and rest on the beaches of Baltic sea. All is so familiar and dear. I went to first food store and asked woman that works there, something about difference between this milk and that, she said: "I am not a buiro of information. Go to another store.." I thought: "yeyeyesss..I am at home..))))" A little rude, but honest heheh better than fake service smiling face. .

What is special in your home town? Just write what you feel even if you live in your home town all your life. Have a good sunny day all :))
May 31, 2019 11:33 AM
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one of the enjoyable things is to get out of home in the morning and greeting with old man and womens with our mother tongue 
May 31, 2019
My hometown is among some of the oldest mountains on the planet, and has more species of salamanders and millipedes than anywhere else on Earth.
June 1, 2019

I'm from Kerman, a city in Iran and now I live in the capital city. I like peace and quiet in my home town. also there are old buildings and historical places in kerman which I like very much.

June 1, 2019

Of course not, Sarah. I live here more than 20 years and neither heard this by myself nor from someone else. Even if someone tried  talking this way, it would be one of his or her last days on that workplace. 

Yes, I am used to treating me as a client, but a bothering fly. And, yes, I  prefer seeing smiling faces rather than angry and unwelcoming. It has nothing to do with "fake" or "honest ". It's about politeness and respect. And your appreciation and understanding the fact, that people,  instead of doing their job, insulting you, is an attitude of slaves. That's why your enjoyment of getting treated rudely is not understandable for me. 

June 1, 2019
Ohhh..In Israel impossible? ..weii holly molly..:))
June 1, 2019
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