What should I do? I want to improve my English. I just want to ask~ how do you guys study?
I have been studying for a long time now and spent a lot of time, but I make lots of mistakes when I speak in English.
Plz share your secrets with me... How do you study?
May 31, 2019 3:19 PM
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Hi Kim :)

firstly when it comes to learn a new language. speaking the one of the biggest issues that most of learners face. however , people are often afraid of speaking because of some problems such as -> lake of confident - pronunciation mistakes - probably afraid of someone would make fun of the way they speak , and the only way to get rid of these problems is to work on your listening and speaking at the same time. however , to do that you need to watch English movies a lot and make sure you while watching to repeat after them plus on that you can read books or some interested articles (read it out loud) , songs with lyrics also works fine to improve speaking. the most important part is try to not think too much before speaking to anyone , because of that you get nervous which is bad. just take it easy and speak and it's okay if you made a mistake. you wont learn anything new or improve whatever you want unless if you made a mistake.

i hope that will help you in improving your speaking :)

good luck ^^

May 31, 2019
Hi Kim,
did you try finding some tv shows, music and films you love and interest you in English? Make sure they really interest you.  Don't put too much pressure on yourself or a deadline, unless you have an exam or a certain level of English is required for some sort of interview  ( in that case a little bit of pressure is acceptable, just a little bit). The best way to learn a language (or improve a language) in my opinion, is by just enjoying yourself without pressure to get somewhere, improvement is a plus ( I understand it's not always possible for everyone to do it that way though). 
Try to find something you really like in English and enjoy it. Combine it with lessons and listen to a lot of English.
You will get there! One day at a time. 
Best of luck  
May 31, 2019
In my opinion, you should watch some English drama... For listening practice.. 
But only which can entertain you... I'm also not fluent but I have improved my English.. 
I only can suggest you some entertaining dramas like Big Bang Theory, The vampire diaries and  Modern Family ..😅
May 31, 2019
For me i book lesson in italki and sometimes I have chance to exchange language with friends from italki. I practice by have a conversation with friends, reading some discussion in italki that they wrote in English .i can get new words from there and watching the movie in English. I also have made a lot of mistakes while speaking but I didn’t care that much. I feel have fun more than afraid to speak wrong while have video call with foreigner friends. U can find what is make u enjoy when study English.
May 31, 2019
I am a beginner.I think if you have a practice partner,you will improve that.For me I am a social guys I really like talking with anyone although we have no a fun topic.It's because that experience will improve my social skills unless I be a successful guys.However,if you feel interesting about west cultures just talk with me. ;)
May 31, 2019
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