学而(learn and …)


Why this book started with three “不亦”?

“学而时习之”——What is "学"?Who need to "学"? If “学”=learn and then learn what? After learn this book what  we can get  or we will become who? 

First , this sentence misses a subject. "Who"to learn. “君子”(near word is "gentleman" but not exactly).And this book try to change a "gentleman君子”to a "sage 君". In this point we can translate 《论语》to <The way that from gentleman to sage> haha 😆. So if you don't want to become a sage you don't need to read this book. 

阅读是不能脱离读者的,而不能承当这个阅读的读者是没有阅读的,只不过是看一些文字而已。(I can't translate this sentence,who can try it. )

To be continued. 

All of above is from 缠中说禅。

May 31, 2019 5:06 PM
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