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Do you leave a feedback after lesson?

Hello! Do you take lessons or teach here?

I noticed that some teachers and students don't leave feedback after their lessons.

Why do you think that is?

It makes me very happy and give me good motivation for their next lesson when I read feedback from my students. So I try to leave motivating feedback to my students as well.

I believe that is very important for both of us.

Please share your thoughts!

Thank you to everyone who replied to my question! I value every single advice and thoughts I got!

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Jun 1, 2019 3:38 AM
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If the student leaves feedback, I leave feedback in the form of a brief summary of the lesson and positive developments if there are any to be seen. If the student doesn't leave feedback, I don't either. Most of the students who have been working with me for more than a year do not leave feedback after every lesson. That's ok, I get that some people don't like writing comments, find it to be a waste of time, or don't have anything new to say.

When I take lessons, I almost always leave feedback, because I like to do it. I don't see it as a waste of time, but the last step of the lesson where I get to reflect on what was done and show my appreciation to the teacher if I thought they did a good job. If I was unhappy with a lesson, I usually won't write anything for all to see, unless I think it's something all students will dislike (being unreliable/tardy), but give the rating I think the teacher earned. I don't like it when teachers never respond to feedback. I don't work with teachers who don't give a response to the first lesson review that I write. It makes me think they're too busy and don't want to spend a minute of extra time, or that they don't want to work with me.

June 1, 2019
I always give feedback to my students, and 99% of my feedback are positive/friendly. If ever I would have to give a negative feedback, I do it frankly but politely. I still don't wanna embarrass my student. I believe there's always a kind way of telling the truth
June 1, 2019
The only time I don't leave feedback is on that rare occasion when I discuss with the student that I'm not really a good tutor for them and I try to recommend someone different. 
June 1, 2019
I leave feedback for every lesson. However, I do not expect the same from the students. Most students are very busy and they will probably forget. Like what someone mentioned here, feedback can help a teachers profile but it is actually more important to check the lesson and student ratio.  When students do not come back for a second or third class, that in itself is feedback. It means that the teacher has difficulty in keeping students.  
June 1, 2019

To Alycia - Thank you so much for your reply! Awww you are so kind! I am sure your teacher appreciate your feedback a lot :) I am also happy to know that some students like you appreciate teacher's feedback :)

To James - Thank you so much for your reply! Like ebay! lol you made laugh XD I realized that feedback is not as important as I think. So I should not worry too much when I do not get feedback :)

To Guyomar - Thank you so much for your reply! Ohhh it's good to know that you do not get feedback for every lessons. I guess for some people the feedback is not a big deal. Thank you so much for sharing your experience as a teacher and student. That helped me to think differently! :)

To Alice - Thank you so much for your reply! Ok you do leave feedback for every lessons! That is very nice of you :) Now I start thinking that I should not expect to receive feedback. Instead I will feel lucky if I get feedback from them :)

June 1, 2019
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